TSL-1801 Belt Type Adhesive Tape with Trimming Edge Machine

TSL-1801 Belt Type Adhesive Tape with Trimming Edge Machine
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Product Details

TSL-1801 Belt Type Adhesive Tape With Trimming Edge Machine

With edge cutter, long board bonding area, have tape feeder, Pre-hot the guide slot, up blowing hot air, 4 heating systems to ensure product fully and evenly heated, speed fast.

1. Upper and lower belts adjust the speed separately,store ten minification programs

2. Up and down belt, blowing & guide slot independent control temperature stability up to ±0.5 degree.

3. Blowing adjust air flow and temperature separately

4. Heating tank adjusts the temperature separately

5. Belt pressure can be digital adjust

6. Trim fabric finish with cutter

7. 7 inch touch screen with visual operation, intuitions & convenience

8.Allow purchasing a variety of accessories or devices for the production.


Applicable scope:  Seamless lingerie paste glue tape seamless underwear, Seamless low cut pad socks paste a strip of cloth, Seamless sports wear, Seamless outdoor wear paste tapes, Swimming wear ,bicycle wear ect. paste tapes, Cut socks paste tape.



TSL-1801 Belt type adhesive tape with trimming edge machine


Technical data:


Roller Speed

pressed Air

Belt Width

Cutter Speed

Nozzle Temp

Power Supply


Heating Tank Width



0.5 mp


or customized

0-3000 turns


220V-240VAC/110VA 50Hz/60Hz


5/6/8/10/12/15/18/20/24 or customized


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