- Oct 07, 2017-

       The wold largest sewing machine fair CISMA 2017 (CHINA INT’L SEWING MACHINERY & ACCESSROIES SHOW 2017) was held Sept 26th in Shanghai New Int’l Expo Center.


        On the morning of Sept 26th, CISMA 2017 started, more than 1200 exhibitors from China, Japan, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Taiwan, USA attend the CISMA.



Since the start of the new round of industrial revolution, sewing machinery deserved to become the focus of the world, in a number of areas to become digital, intelligent technology innovation and application of the model. Industry, whether in the unmanned processing of parts or in the market for individual needs of the intelligent sewing equipment, sewing production line development, are successful; in the digital, network integration development, it is successfully built a number of Set the consulting, design, manufacture, warehousing and service in one, covering the upstream and downstream industry chain industrial network platform; unmanned intelligent sewing factory is also incredible by the idea into a considerable, can be felt, the reality of the clothing , Home textiles, leather and other downstream areas have been applied, the future prospects can be expected.


        TOPEAGLE INTERNATIONAL LTD. Attended CISMA, and show the TOPEAGLE brand and TOPAFF brand top quality industrial sewing machines. 



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