The 2019 China Sewing Machinery Industry Conference And The 4th Council Of The 10th Session Of China Sewing Machinery Association Were Held In Nanjing

- Dec 08, 2019-

On Dec. 5th, the 2019 China sewing machinery industry conference and the 4th board of the 10th session of China sewing machinery association were held in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. More than 300 enterprise representatives from 138 council members, some specially invited new members, electronic control professional committee, market working committee, young entrepreneur branch and other branches of the association gathered in jinling city to participate in the industry event.


The conference focuses on the theme of "building on past achievements and expanding sewing machine's new value through reform", with a tight agenda and diverse and wonderful contents. It involves the detailed and rigorous annual work summary of the association issued to the industry. There are industry heavyweight entrepreneurs to discuss interactivly, view released. More industry leaders from a strategic perspective,forward-looking industry situation to forecast analysis. The conference by China sewing machinery association vice President Yang xiaojing presided over.


All representatives deliberated and approved the 2019 annual work report made by Chen ji, secretary general of the association, and the guiding opinions on promoting the high-quality development of the sewing machinery industry and other important matters.



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