Qingdao Sewing Exhibition Came To A Successful Conclusion

- Sep 11, 2020-

On September 5, 2020, Qingdao Sewing Exhibition was successfully concluded.

The exhibition serves as an annual event for the entire industry chain of China's sewing equipment industry and a new product launch platform for national brands.

It perfectly showcases the characteristics of the sewing equipment industry chain for exhibitors and visitors, it also presents the theme of [intelligence, intelligent manufacturing] in various forms.

The exhibition site was crowded with people, and the on-site interaction was enthusiastic.

Manufacturers' booths attracted the audience with quality and tonality, and narrowed the distance between people and machines and enterprises. Exhibitors competed on the same field and took out dry goods to show their strength.

Qingdao sewing exhibition came to a successful conclusion                                             Qingdao sewing exhibition

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