- Dec 10, 2019-

From Nov. 1st to 5th, the customer from UK and Isreal visited TOPEAGLE shoe sewing machine factories.

The Uk Customer is the of of the biggest special shoe manufactures in the world, the production manager and the shoe production engineers visited TOPEAGLE shoe sewing machine factories. They looked around the our shoe machine production line very carefully, they saw the workers busy and orderly production. And they are deeply impressed by the methodical production in our factory.

After visiting the factories, the customers enhance their confidence to cooperate with TOPEAGLE.

The production manager express that they will purchase more TOPEAGLE shoe sewing machines to their factories in the future.


The Israel customer made a special visit TOPEAGLE after his visit Canton fair, They are using the TOPEAGLE sewing machine for more than 10 years, they knew that TOPEAGLE as TOP brand of world industrial sewing machines. The TOPEAGLE sewing machines are advanced machines. Their factory has more tens of full automatic sewing machines, such as, automatic pocket welting machines, automatic belt looping machines, electronic eyelet button hole machines, electronic pattern sewer machines. 

This is the first time for the Israel customers visit TOPEAGLE factories, and his visit schedule is very short, but he was deeply impressed by the production and management. He said that we will enhance the business relations in the future.

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