China Sewing Machinery Association Was Approved By The Light Industry Professional Ability Evaluation Station

- Aug 20, 2020-

Recently, the China National Light Industry Council issued the "Approval on the First Batch of Light Industry Vocational Ability Evaluation Stations and Evaluation Directly-affiliated Bases", China Sewing Machinery Association became the first batch of light industry vocational ability evaluation stations.

According to the "Implementation Plan for the Evaluation of Vocational Skills in the Light Industry", the China Sewing Machinery Association is responsible for the occupational ability evaluation of the types and skills involved in the special occupation "Sewing Machinery Assembly and Debugging Worker" in the sewing machinery industry. The relevant preparation plan has been submitted before To the China National Light Industry Council. According to the planning of the association, a number of training bases are set up under the terminus. The training bases are voluntarily declared by industry backbone enterprises and relevant local consultation committees. At present, the association has drafted the first batch of 4 training bases.

In recent years, the association will actively change its thinking in strict accordance with relevant national regulations and requirements, and promote the construction of the industry's vocational skill system and talent team. In the next step, the association will effectively play the responsibilities of the terminal, continue to mobilize and integrate advantageous resources in the industry, actively promote the update of industry vocational skills and knowledge and professional evaluation, and make positive contributions to the realization of the strategy of promoting the industry to become stronger.

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