Why is Computer Control Lockstitch Sewing Machine so popular?

- Mar 01, 2021-

The Computer Control Lockstitch Sewing Machine has functions such as automatic thread trimming, automatic reverse stitching, automatic thread blocking, and automatic presser foot lifting. Its biggest advantage is high efficiency and energy saving. The use of computerized lockstitch sewing machines in clothing and other manufacturing enterprises can increase production efficiency, save electricity, and improve the production environment. Under normal circumstances, clothing companies using a fully automatic computerized sewing machine can save about 1,000 yuan in electricity bills every year. Skilled sewing workers can increase their work efficiency by 30% . The automatic thread trimming function can save 25% of the bottom and upper thread. The precise stitch control improves the quality inspection of clothing products. In addition, the Computer Control Lockstitch Sewing Machine also has the advantages of environmental protection. It has low noise and low heat when used. According to users, sewing workers ware not willing to use the ordinary sewing machine. Today, when "difficulties in recruiting workers" have become a normal phenomenon in the apparel industry, computerized sewing machines have become an important means for factories to attract workers.

Computer Control Lockstitch Machine

Another major factor that promotes the rapid development of domestic Computer Control Lockstitch Sewing Machine is the cost-effective advantage.

Compared with ordinary sewing machines and foreign brands, domestic computerized lockstitch sewing machines have obvious advantages of cost-effective . Around 2005, the price of fully automatic computerized lockstitch sewing machines of foreign brands on the market was RMB 7,000 per unit, while the price was RMB 4,000 per unit, the price of single-thread-cut computerized lockstitch sewing machines is more than 3,000 yuan per unit. More importantly, with the expansion of production scale and the reduction of production costs, the price of domestic machines has been continuously falling, at the same time, which has also driven the price of foreign brands to continue to drop.

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