Why do industrial sewing machines have noise?

- Nov 06, 2019-

In the process of industrial sewing machine, noise and vibration restrict the development of sewing machine. In order to improve the working efficiency of the industrial sewing machine, noise and vibration should be used to control the noise and vibration to improve the intelligentzed and automated of industrial sewing machine, meanwhile to improve the working efficiency of the industrial sewing machines. Why do industrial sewing machines have noise?

First, analysis of vibration and noise of industrial sewing machines.  

Industrial sewing machines have many structural components, and various components work together to complete the sewing work. The industrial sewing machine has high requirements for stability during operation to ensure that the sewing quality meets the required standards. Industrial sewing machines often have vibration or noise problems during use, which directly affects the working quality of industrial sewing machines. Industrial sewing machines for damping and noise reduction are implemented that can solve vibration and noise problems, improve the structure of industrial sewing machines, and ensue the products of industrial sewing machines products.

industrial-sewing machine

Second, the vibration and noise source of industrial sewing machines.

The vibration of the industrial sewing machine comes from the aspects of idling, mass eccentricity and excessive force. The noise comes from the factors such as the puncturing mechanism, the size mechanism and the shaft body and so on. 

When the industrial sewing machine vibrates and noises, it seriously interferes with the using process, which reduces the quality of the components of the sewing machine and  even causes component failure. For example, if industrial sewing machine vibrates,  the noise will be happened with the vibration.  After inspection, it is found that the spiral bevel gear of the sewing machine has quality defects. After long-term operation, the gear has slight deformation that resuls in the gear precision not meeting the basic requirements of the sewing machine. The engagement operation is completed, which exacerbates the vibration state of the sewing machine. The impact of industrial sewing machine vibration and noise is very large, vibration will cause noise, and the noise frequency will gradually expand under vibration. In order to achieve vibration and noise reduction in industrial sewing machines, the source and hazard of vibration and noise should be mastered, so that you need to implenent the and repair the noise reduction, and the working level of industrial sewing machines can be actively improved.

After analyzing the vibration and noise of the industrial sewing machine, you need to understand the source of vibration and noise. On this basis of the application of the vibration reduction and noise reduction method, and industrial sewing machine can be effectively applied. Vibration and noise reduction can be achieved by improving the crankshaft structure, balancing the motion mechanism, and perfecting the casing design.

The working efficiency of industrial sewing machines has gradually improved, and the manufacturing level has been continuously improved. The method of damping and noise reduction has been fully implemented to reduce the impact of vibration and noise on industrial sewing machines and ensure the optimization of industrial sewing machine structure. Vibration and noise reduction optimizes the use of industrial sewing machines and embodies the practical value of shock absorption and noise reduction.

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