Why choose Needle Feed Sewing Machine?

- Nov 26, 2020-

The Single Needle Feed Sewing Machine is a sewing machine with needle feeding.

1.Difference with ordinary sewing machine:

For ordinary sewing machines, the needle does not participate in feeding, the feeding action is all completed by the lower feeding dog. Due to its feature, the lower fabric feed speed is fast, and the upper fabric feed is slow. It is easy to cause the upper and lower fabrics to be staggered. The experienced operator will bring the lower fabric back, which is an ideal operation. The usual operation is to achieve the last 20 centimeters, and force the two layers of fabrics that are not neat to be sewn together neatly. There are reasons why machines and people can't make quality products.

Single Needle Feed Sewing Machine

The Needle Feed Sewing Machine feeds the cloth at the same time as the needle and the feed dog. When the needle is inserted into the fabric, the cloth is fed, there is no phenomenon of upper and lower layers. Reducing operation difficulty and improving sewing quality.

2.Ordinary sewing machines cannot make high-end non-iron garments.

Nowadays, the popular high-end non-iron pants and shirts, many people only do non-iron treatment on the fabric, without considering the sewing process, so the finished garments cannot achieve the real non-iron effect. Ordinary lockstitch machines cannot achieve the upper layer evenly. The garment becomes flat after ironing, and the prototype is restored after being washed in the water. The fabric is indeed non-iron, but what about the sewing area? The operator's gesture control cannot guarantee the uniform stitching of the whole piece, so we often see wrinkles at the stitching of the clothes in our daily life.

high-end non-iron garments

3.How about the penetration rate of Needle Feed Sewing Machine?

Needle-feed lockstitch sewing machines have been popularized in foreign countries decades ago. In China, the machine used to be difficult to manufacture in China. Imported machines are expensive, the domestic penetration rate is not high. Many people are still unfamiliar with the machine and do not know the performance characteristics, so few people care about the machine. With the improvement of domestic clothing quality, the popularity of this machine is rising rapidly.

penetration rate of Needle Feed Sewing Machine

4.How should clothing companies match Needle Feed Sewing Machine?

At present, the machine has mature domestic machines, the price is not as high as before, it is similar to ordinary lockstitch sewing machines. The usage of needle feed lockstitch machine should be around 30%. To make non-iron garments, smooth fabrics and other difficult-to-operate garments, it is necessary to increase the proportion.

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