Why can't the electromagnet of the computer pattern machine be reset?

- Jul 28, 2020-

The computer pattern machine control system mainly receives signals such as position sensor, reverse stitch switch, flip switch, pedal sensor, etc., to control the rotation of the spindle, as well as the output signals of electromagnets such as thread trimming, thread pulling, reverse stitching and presser foot lifting.

When the failure, regardless of whether the control system automatically alarm, especially in the handling of some non-report inge, we should determine which part of the control part of the problem, then by the peripheral equipment to internal control, step by step troubleshooting the fault. When troubleshooting, check that the parameters are set correctly (you can resume using factory parameters to determine). In addition, various accessories can be swapped to determine which part the fault occurred.

computer pattern machine

Why can't the electromagnet of the computer pattern machine be reset?

(1) The switch is in a normally closed state,which may be caused by the failure to reset the internal structure of the switch. The corresponding pin in the plug or plug connected by the switch and control should be identified, disconnected, and observed that the fault is still repeated. If troubleshooting, the problem appears on the switch module and the switch cannot be reset.

(2) There is a short circuit in the switch input. The cause of the failure is similar to (1). The first is to check the protection time of the solenoid opening in the system, and then power on the system to observe whether the solenoid is released after this time has passed. If the solenoid is released, it is a signal problem on the input signal. After this condition is ruled out, check that the circuit and switch are short-circuited in the connection inside the control box.

(3) The electromagnet drive circuit is damaged. After the above reasons have been ruled out, the problem should be on the electromagnet drive circuit. If the control box has the detection capability in this area, after disconnecting the electromagnet from the control system, the control box will report the corresponding fault code.

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