What is the working principle of Ultrasonic Lace Cutting Machine?

- Nov 02, 2020-

◆Reverse-pressure effect:

Certain substances (such as quartz, piezoelectric ceramics, etc.), when subjected to external forces, not only change their geometric dimensions, but also internally polarize, and there are charges on the surface to form an electric field; when the external force disappears, the material returns to its original state , This phenomenon is called piezoelectric effect; On the contrary, if these substances are placed in an electric field, their geometric dimensions also change.This phenomenon of mechanical deformation of the substances due to the action of an external electric field is called the inverse piezoelectric effect.

Ultrasonic processing and Ultrasonic Lace Cutting Machines are all applications of inverse piezoelectric effect.

Ultrasonic Lace Cutting Machines


The ultrasonic part of the ultrasonic lace machine is divided into two major components, an ultrasonic generator and an ultrasonic transducer system, as shown in the figure below.

ultrasonic generator of the ultrasonic lace machine

ultrasonic transducer system of the ultrasonic lace machine

The ultrasonic transducer system is composed of ultrasonic transducer, horn and tool horn. When 220V, 50Hz power frequency AC current enters the ultrasonic generator, the generator starts to work, converts the 50Hz frequency to 20000Hz, and keeps it at this frequency. The 20000Hz current output from the ultrasonic generator flows into the transducer, and the transducer converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to generate ultrasonic mechanical vibration perpendicular to its upper surface, the amplitude of which is only 0.005~0.01mm, and then the amplitude of the horn and tool is changed. The rod is enlarged from 0.05 to 0.1mm, and the end face of the driving tool is ultrasonically vibrated. There is a flower wheel above the tool horn. When the fabric is pressed between the flower wheel and the end face of the tool horn, Through the friction between the contact surfaces and between the molecules, the temperature of the contact point increases sharply, and cutting (the highest part of the flower wheel), perforation (the highest part of the flower wheel) or embossing (the second highest part of the flower wheel) occurs.

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