What is the real goodyear welt shoes?

- Aug 31, 2017-

       GOODYEAR WELT (GYW) is the name of the structure of the shoe. At the beginning it is the practice of hand to joint the upper, insole and sole to the welt, and then paste the end of the Goodyear Welten (Goodyear Welted) is the world's top unique Handmade footwear craft. Goodyear handmade shoes in the production process need to go through last - cut material - seam to help - bottom - with heel - modified more than 360 processes. Each process requires an experienced and skilled shoemaker's elaborate production. Sewing process, the use of all-natural linen line is made of rosin and other special materials made with a strong wear characteristics of Goodyear along the process has the advantage of the upper and the soles firmly clamped into one, Can withstand any impact and twist. In the soles of the part, double seam seam leather bottom, to ensure that the maximum wear resistance of shoes. In the midsole and between the end of the formation of a cavity, can be isolated from the tide, but also laying a layer of cork, so as to ensure the maximum permeability of shoes. These are the highlights of the Goodyear extension process. So Goodyear shoes known as the hand-carved out of the top works of art shoes most of the use of Goodyear Welted craft production, and the use of natural pigments made of handmade leather, the use of high-quality brown leather outsole. In order to reflect the distinguished taste of the wearer, are selected high-grade leather material. 

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      What about Goodyear? Why now the general structure of the shoes are called Goodyear it? In fact, this Goodyear refers to a person - Charles Goodyear.Jr (Little Charles Goodyear). This is the inventor of vulcanized rubber, the United States self-taught chemist Charles Goodyear's son. In the 1860s he invented a machine to replace the hand-sewn along the structure of the shoes, greatly improving the production efficiency of the shoe and make it completely factory.

    Here, you may be clear, strictly speaking, only Goodyear's process in the factory to produce the machine along the structure of the shoes is Goodyear shoes (Goodyear Welt Shoes), and the real manual sewing is only "along Welt Construction Shoes ".

     Sewing machine, after all, as smart, the requirements of the sewing angle is also more stringent, so the use of Goodyear machine sewing along the shoes must be in the bottom of the inside and between the strip after a canvas or strip sewn. 

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