What is the main processing process of the mask?

- Jul 23, 2020-

Work steps of mask making machine:

What is the main processing process of the mask

1) After the laminated fabric and the bridge of the nose are cut off, the bridge of the nose is first cut to a fixed length, and then put into the folded fabric;

2) After the ultrasonic hot pressing station, the two sides and the front and back ends of the folded cloth are embossed;

3) After the mask is intercepted in sections, the fabric is cut to a fixed length to become the main body of the mask;

4) Finally, it enters the material distribution process through the differential separation conveyor belt.

Above, it is the whole working procedure of the main body of the mask.

The function of the differential separation conveyor belt: because the front mask bodies are continuous, if they are not separated by the gap, the back can not be separated, so when passing through this conveyor belt, the speed difference can be used to pull the front and rear mask bodies apart gap.

Mechanism analysis in the process:

1) The entire process, except for the separation of the conveyor belt, has only one drive motor. The power of each moving roller comes from this motor, and the intermediate power is transmitted through sprocket, chain, gear and other transmission mechanisms.

entire process

2) Nose bridge cutting process

This process includes the driving of the bridge of the nose, cutting and hemming on one side of the fabric. See the following figure for details:

Nose bridge cutting process

The path of the bridge of the nose: the entrance of the bridge of the nose-drive roller *2-the cutting roller of the nose bridge line, the following figure is a detailed diagram of the drive roller and the cutting roller:

The path of the bridge of the nose

It can be seen that there are grooves between the two rollers, which are used to cross the bridge of the nose, the small teeth on the driving roller can jam the bridge of the nose and drive the bridge of the nose to go forward;

There is a blade on the cutting roller to cut the bridge of the nose. After cutting, the nose bridge line goes from the pipe into the folded fabric.

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