What is the feed dog of the sewing machine?

- Jan 04, 2021-

The working process of the feed dog of the sewing machine is that when the needle exits the sewing material, the feed dog rises to expose the needle plate, Ordinary lockstitch sewing machines.jpg

the exposed height is between 0.75-1.2mm, then it moves forward, together with the presser foot to pinch the sewing material When it reaches the position where the stitch length is needed, then descend to the original position, at the same time, the needle moves downward to complete the sewing of one stitch.

The working time of the feed dog refers to the time to move the sewing material, and the effective working time must be ensured that the material can be fed after the coil is contracted. If the feed is too fast, it will hinder the wire take-up, wire breakage may occur at this time; The sewing material cannot be fed without the needle exiting the sewing material. The feeding must be stopped before the needle penetrates into the sewing material; Feeding with the cooperation of the needle plate.

Generally speaking, the cloth feeding is mainly done by the feeding dog, but sometimes only the lower feeding dog may cause the upper and lower sewing materials to be out of sync. Especially when the friction between sewing materials is small and the sewing speed is fast, this phenomenon is more common. Such problems can be solved by replacing sewing equipment with different feeding forms. The following table shows the suitable feeding modes for different fabrics and sewing processes.

Type of feed dog:

The feed dog of the sewing machine is generally made of metal. According to the width ,it can be divided into:

(1) slim, width is 1.15mm;

(2) Standard, width is 1.5mm;

(3) Coarse , the width is 1.8mm.

The wider the feed dog, the greater the friction, and the thicker the fabric that can be transferred. You can also increase the feeding force by changing the number of rows of feeding dog. Ordinary lockstitch sewing machines usually have 2-3 rows of cloth feeding dog, while some equipment for sewing heavy fabrics or leather fabrics can increase the cloth feeding dog to 5-6 rows. The fewer and narrower the number of feeding dog, the smaller the feeding force, which is suitable for thin materials and can be adapted to a smaller turning radius; the more and wider the feeding teeth, the greater the feeding force and the stable sewing. Suitable for straight line sewing and curved sewing with large turning radius.

feed dog of  sewing machines

In addition to the template technology that has recently emerged, the template machine requires corresponding feed dog. Currently, there are rubber and metal materials. The special feed dog of the template are different from ordinary sewing machines. They are flat and have some non-slip points to fix the template. Increase the friction with the template.

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