What is The Best Sewing Machine for Heavy Weight Webbing Applications?

- Apr 26, 2017-

TOPEAGLE TPS-204-1306 Programmable Pattern Sewing Machineis the best sewing machine for Heavy Weight Webbing Applications



 TOPEAGLE TPS-204-1306 Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine For Heavy Weight Webbing Applications is the latest models of thick seam reinforcement materials to provide the best sewing results, can be completed without the need of skilled sewing requirements, thick material machine is put on a large Haloxylon core, computer programming control, to ensure high yields and excellent pattern slotted quality, thick line, also do not need frequent replacement sewing bobbin, thus can improve production efficiency.   

With sewing area of 130mm x 60mm 

Air Driven (Pneumatic) Clamp System for Extremely Strong Hold Intermittent Presser Foot

Heavy Duty Construction with Powerful Stepping Motors and Needle Penetration.

Large Capacity Shuttle Hook

Top-Mounted Control Panel with Multiple Functions Desktop Software for Easy Pattern Creation and Editing

l USB Port for Easy Pattern Upload and Download Electronic Pedals with Clamp Up/Clamp Down and Sewing Cycle Start Controls Large Table for Ample Work Space.

Suitable for heavy to extra heavy materials only and excels at sewing cargo straps, belts and webbing.

TPS-204-1306 stitches.jpg


TOPEAGLE TPS-204-1306 Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine For Heavy Weight Webbing Applications is suitable For sewing heavy to extra heavy materials such as cargo strap webbing, mil spec webbing, leather, composites, foam. Suitable for sewing products such as truck tarps, belts, covers, awnings, insulation panels, parachutes, sails, etc. 

Main Parameters:



Sewing area




Max. Sewing speed

800 r.p.m(Stitch length under 5mm)stitch length larger than 5mm, speed lower.

Needle distance


Needle bar stroke


Presser foot lift


 Type of needle




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