What is moccasin shoes?

- Dec 01, 2017-


As Called suture shoes, also known as Mark shoes. It is flat, comfortable features. (Formerly North American Indians wear no heel) soft leather flat shoes, Moccasin shoes.

 A kind of shoes by hand sutures vamps and soles (upper) of the shoes together; can also be understood as using the handbrake technology invented by Mark • Blaine all the shoes, can be called Mark shoes; Mark Braun invention invented handmade shoe technology refers to the hand-stitched upper and sole (shoe upper) together this process. The Origin of Mark's Shoes About the end of the eighteenth century, Sir Mark Blaine, a former chief engineer of the New York harbor, invented a press in which metal pins were used to sew upper and sole. Later, after the improvement and development, a unique handmade shoemaking process has been formed and has been extended to the present; the shoes made by this kind of process are commonly called Mark shoes. The characteristics of Mark shoes - Mark shoes means first is a handmade shoes - upper and sole are stitched together, rather than using viscose technology - shoes longer than the adhesive shoes, durable, durable - - Wearing comfort is better than viscose shoes.


TSH-2188 stitches 1.jpeg

TOPEAGLE brand moccasins shoe sewing machine is the idea shoe sewing equipment, which has the following models:

TSH-2781 Double Needle Feed off the Arm Sewing Machine for Moccasins Thread on the Upper

TSH-2747 Single Needle Moccasin Sewing Machine with Curved Needle

TSH-2188 Double Needle Ornamental Stitch Side Seam Sewing Machine

TSH-2081 Double Needle Shoe Upper Sewing Machine

TSH-2202 Mark Thread Shoe Making Sewing Machine

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