What is KF94 face mask machine?

- Sep 16, 2020-

The KF94 face mask machine is the most popular equipment in the Korean market. It is manufactured with high quality, fully servo motor, high degree of automation, PLC programming control, so that the mask can be embossed, folded in half and trimmed at one time. The special production process ensures the clear analysis of lines, It is not deformed during production, and the ear straps are welded firmly, which minimizes material waste and effectively guarantees the quality of the masks produced. This fish-shaped mask machine connects a body and an ear strap machine together. To realize the automatic improvement, only one person is required to operate.

The main technical parameters of KF94 face mask machine:

Material: Multi-layer PP non-woven fabric;

Voltage: 220V/50-60HZ;

Weight: 1000KG;

Appearance size: 6600(L)x2438(W)x1410(H)(mm);

Efficiency: 80 pcs/min;

KF94 face mask machine

The production of masks emphasizes high quality and high efficiency. Because masks are generally disposable products, consumers often buy a lot of them at once, so the requirements for mask manufacturers are relatively high.

A good one-to-one KF94 fish mask machine can help you with many other manufacturers in the same industry! The one-to-one KF94 fish mask machine adopts advanced technology concepts to create many different models of mask machines, which can fully meet the current market needs, and the mask machine is also very wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, easy to maintain, and is very suitable for mask manufacturers buy.

The mask produced by the one-to-one KF94 face mask machine has 4 layers. The mask feels soft, elastic, uniform in thickness, and has no obvious lumps.

And some of the inferior masks are made of hard plastic, some are rotten gauze, and some are thin and soft facial tissues. If you check carefully, you can feel obvious in the hand.

Applicable industry: disposable medical protective equipment.

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