What is Direct Drive Sewing Machine?

- Aug 30, 2019-

Do you know direct drive sewing machine? This utility model relates to a direct drive motor of a sewing machine, which belonging to the technical field of electric motors.


The world sewing machine industry has completed the transfer to China, and it has gradually extended to medium and high-end products. With the increasing competition in the sewing machinery manufacturing industry, M&A integration and capital operation among large sewing machinery manufacturers are becoming more and more frequent, and domestic excellent sewing machinery manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the research of the industry market.

The stitching method of the coil differs greatly from ordinary hand sewing. In the simplest hand stitching, the sewer attaches a thread to the small eye at the end of the needle, then passes the needle through the two fabrics completely, from one side to the other, and then back to the original side. In this way, the needle drives the wires in and out of the fabric and stitches them together.

But do you what are their classification?

There are many classification methods for sewing machines. And it is more common to distinguish them by stitches and uses.  About stitches, they are  classified into two types: lock stitches and chain stitches. The lock stitches are the most common. They consist of two stitches that are intertwined like a reel, with the interlacing point in the middle of the sewing material. From the cross-section of the stitch, the two stitches are like the two locks. So they are called lock stitches.

This type of stitch is used for sewing materials such as cotton, wool fabric or leather with a small shrinkage. And the front and back sides have the same shape as a broken line. The stitches are densely distributed and the sewing fastness generally exceeds that of manual sewing.

Chain stitches are made by connecting or interconnecting the loops of the stitches. Single-chain chain, double-line chain and three-line overlock stitches are commonly used. The characteristics of the stitches are that the stitches are elastic and can be stretched together with the sewing material without breaking the stitches. And they are suitable for clothes made of elastic fabrics or articles and garments with loose seams.

In addition, about the usages, they can be divided into household, industrial, and service industries according to the use. Also they can be divided into a hand sewing machine, a foot sewing machine, and an electric sewing machine according to the driving.




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