What is a Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine?

- Jun 22, 2020-

Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine mainly uses ultrasonic cutting and automatic fusion edge principle, complete the special cut and fusion of the slice, which solves the disadvantages of inaccurate positioning of traditional lace machines, lax size control, low production efficiency and high labor costs. Set discharge, stick pull material, ultrasonic cutting, waste separation, finished sharding and many other processes as a whole, greatly improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, so that products more standardized, more stable quality, more beautiful appearance.

Technical features of Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine:

1. Pull the barrel feed, positioning more accurate, cost savings

2. Uniform length and dimension control of the finished product with deviation of <1 mm can effectively control the length of the finished product so that the chip can meet the production process requirements without waste.

3. Independent feeding rack for easy access and adjustment of raw materials.

4. Rotating control box, according to customer requirements to adjust the direction of the control box.

5. High degree of automation of equipment, low requirement for operators, just take and place raw materials and finish products.

TFM-K1-01 Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine

6. Automatic counting to effectively control productivity and production progress.

7.Variable frequency control, we can adjust the operating speed of the equipment according to actual needs.

8. Receive the waste automatically so that the waste can be withdrawn automatically and reduce the manual labor for the operator.

9.The whole machine is made of all-aluminium alloy frame, which is light in appearance, beautiful and rust-free, making people bright in the eyes.

10. Ultrasound Taiwan system and Japanese transducer of this machine are characterized by stable performance and convenient operation.

11. Using variable frequency control, equipped with photoelectric detection device, to make the slice radium more stable.

12. The automatic ultrasonic welding wheel is made of imported high-quality steel DC53, which prolongs the life of the die and makes it wear-resistant and durable.

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