What is a Face mask machine?

- Jun 24, 2020-

Face mask machine is multi-layer non-woven fabric through hot pressure, folding molding, ultrasonic welding, waste removal, ear band nose band welding and other processes to create a certain filtration performance of a variety of masks, face mask cutting machine is not a single machine, it requires the cooperation of multiple machines to complete a variety of different processes.

Face Mask Cutting Machine ,according to the welding method and use of different methods of ear bands ,can be divided into: inner ear band mask machine, outer ear band mask machine, tie-tie mask machine, the production of these three type of flat mask need to use the mask body machine, it is the composition of the mask indispensable part.

Face mask machine

Face Mask Cutting Machine :

Ultrasound inner ear strap masks are welded by ultrasonic technology. When the masks are moved to the processing position, ultrasound automatically generates, forms a micro-amplitude high frequency vibration on the ear straps, and instantly converts it into heat, melts the material to be processed, and then makes the ear straps stick or embedded inside the body of the masks. This is the processing process after the production of inner ear strap masks. Only one operator will need toMask body piece by piece is placed in the mask disc, and subsequent actions are automatically operated by the device until the finished product is finished.

Workflow of Face Mask Cutting Machine:

(Mask body machine) Manual feeding→Ear strap automatic feeding→Ultrasound earband bonding→Non-woven fabric side band feeding and wrapping→Ultrasonic side band fusion→Side band cut off→Finished Product Output→Count→Finished stacking→Conveyor belt unit delivery

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