What functions does the ultrasonic lace machine have?

- Jun 15, 2020-

What functions does the ultrasonic lace machine have?

◆Cutting and trimming simultaneously:

Unilateral ridges are removed and melting edge effect is applied to smooth and rough edges without burrs, thus meeting the quality requirements.

◆Hollow out:

Cut out the various pattern holes and melt the edges at the same time.

◆Transfer printing:

Transfer paper or foil onto the material in bright colors and without shedding

◆Heat sealing:

Fuse two or more layers together, needle-free, wireless instead of sewing machine, with good fusion strength


Carry out one or more sill opening for the material and make the melting edge treatment without burrs at the same time.


According to the pattern of the flower wheel, cut out, punch and print at the same time, so that the product can be shaped once.

Ultrasound Applicable Materials:

Chemical fiber cloth, nylon nonwovens, dispense cotton;

Pad plastic film and chemical plastic sheet;

Various artificial and simulated leather;

functions of ultrasonic lace machine

Features of ultrasonic lacing machine:

Featuring continuous processing, fast speed, mass production and turning angle: only changing the wheel can process all kinds of curved carp and spot seam fusion;

Featured by computer design, computer engraving model, special manufacturing sample complete, high precision, long life.

Stitching: The use of ultrasonic waves directly to all kinds of fabrics stitched, without the need for needles, so it can achieve waterproof effect.

Lace: Ultrasonic waves can be used to press all kinds of leather/cloth into any pattern, without the raw edge.

Binding: various leather / cloth can be bound by ultrasonic wave.

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