What Are the Principle of Multi-needle of High Speed Sewing Machine?

- Apr 10, 2020-

Sewing machine is the main body and core of bed machinery. The ordinary sewing machine movement mode is "textile movement, machine is stationary", and the multi-needle of high speed sewing machine is a device developed based on the working movement mode of the lockstitch machine "machine movement, textile is stationary", with a lock needle unique to the rotary hook At the same time, it improves the working efficiency and quilting accuracy of the machine.

A sewing machine is a textile machine used for sewing linear patterns on mattresses, bedspreads, quilts and the like. With the development and progress of science and technology, new models of lockstitch sewing machines are constantly being introduced, and their high-speed, precision, multi-function, intelligence and automation are getting higher and higher. Various electronic technologies and automation devices have been widely used in machinery.

high speed sewing machine

The main working mechanism of multi-needle of high speed sewing machine is divided into head, roller mechanism, transmission mechanism and feeding mechanism. In addition, there are presser foot device, control device, adjustment device and so on. The machine head is the lockstitch machine head. The mechanism in the lockstitch machine is the most commonly used basic mechanism: connecting rod mechanism, cam mechanism, gear mechanism, belt transmission mechanism, intermittent motion mechanism, and in accordance with series, parallel, timing Etc. together. Therefore, to master the use of the sewing machine, it is necessary to understand the mechanism composition and transmission principle.

According to the mechanism system, sewing machine is obtained by the correct cooperation of the head mechanism, the rotary hook mechanism, the thread take-up mechanism and the feeding mechanism. The multi-needle of high speed sewing machine can form a lock stitch, which can be on both sides, dotted stitches with similar appearance are formed. It is characterized by a simple structure, a small amount of thread used, and the stitches are not easy to disassemble or disintegrate. The sewing machine with a unique flat seam effect is formed by equidistantly distributing multiple machine heads. Compared with the traditional sewing machine, the work efficiency is greatly improved, and a high efficiency output of 2000r / min can be achieved, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

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