What are the differences and the similarities about single-needle lockstitch sewing machines?

- Mar 09, 2020-

The flat sewing machine, which is generally called single-needle lockstitch sewing machine. And what is it?

It mainly uses a sewing thread to form a kind of stitch on the sewing material so as to interweave or sew one or more layers of sewing material. Generally, it can be divided into thin and thick materials. The flat sewing machine can sew cotton, linen, silk, wool, rayon and other fabrics and leather, plastic, paper and other products. Thick materials are generally used in various sportswear. Such as, clothing, fashion, coats, shoes and hats, leather goods, luggage and so on.

Lockstitch sewing machine is the most basic type of sewing equipment. In sewing, it is the simplest stitch. The stitches are neat and beautiful, the stitches are uniform, flat and firm, the sewing speed is fast, the operation is simple, and the use is simple and easy.

Now let's look at the differences and the similarities about two kinds of single needle heavy duty lockstitch sewing machine -TWf-0303VF-D4 and TWF-0303-D4.

 flat sewing machine TWf-0303VF-D4

The differences:

◆ TWf-0303VF-D4

1. Sewing speed:2000s.p.m

2. Presser foot lifting height: by hand: 7mm, by knee: 12mm

3. With edge cutter device.

◆ TWF-0303-D4

1. Sewing speed:2200s.p.m

2. Presser foot lifting height: By hand: 7mm; By knee: 12mm

lockstitch sewing machine TWF-0303-D4

The commons:

1. Drop feed, walking foot.

2. Built-in mini servo motor.

3. Built-in bobbin winder.

4. With auto thread trimmer, foot lifter, and reverse sewing.

5. Suitable for medium heavy duty sewing machines, such as bags, leather clothes, sofa, etc.

6. Stitch length:0-8mm

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