What are the components of the KF94 face mask machine?

- Sep 22, 2020-

A. The KF94 face mask machine is composed of a material rack part, an upper nose line part, a shape welding part, a folding forming, a shape cutting knife part, a turning part, a material dividing part, an ear strap part, and a collecting part. It uses a servo motor. Ultrasonic welding technology completed production.

◆Shelf part: air expansion shaft, magnetic powder brake with the controller, to ensure that the material pressure moderate not wrinkle.

◆Upper nasal cord part: cylinder with ultrasonic welding, the required length specifications of the nasal cord fixed to the material.

◆Shape cutter part: custom cutter, roll cut molding, at this time the mask initially molded.

◆Flip part: The mask flips to prepare for the earrings.

◆Sub-material part: reasonable distribution, increased production capacity.

◆Point ear strap part: special rotating disk for mask machine industry, with ultrasonic wave to spot weld the ear strap wire on the semi-finished mask, the mask is formed.

◆Collection part: belt out, product collection.

KF94 face mask machine is composed

B. What is the use environment of the KF94 face mask machine?

The ambient temperature must be at room temperature.

The humidity requirement is 40%-80%. Without condensation, a dehumidifier should be installed.

Power supply grid requirements: 220V; 50Hz.

The power supply grid fluctuates: ±5%, and the grid ground wire meets international requirements. In areas where the voltage amplitude is more than 5%, electronic automatic voltage stabilizing and current stabilizing devices should be installed.

There should be no strong electromagnetic signal interference near the installation equipment. Avoid radio transmitting stations (or relay stations) around the installation site.

Foundation amplitude: less than 50um; vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g. Avoid a large number of punching and other machine tools nearby. The equipment space requirements should ensure that there is no smoke and dust, and avoid working environments with severe dust such as metal polishing and grinding.

Air pressure: ≥0.6MPa.

In some environments, anti-static floor should be installed and shielding should be strengthened.

use environment of the KF94 face mask machine

C.KF94 face mask machine material recommendations: from outside to inside (material width 240/260):

The first layer: SS grade 50g non-woven fabric (outer layer).

The second layer: 99 grade 25 grams of melt blown cloth.

The third layer: 99 grade 25 grams of melt blown cloth.

The fourth layer: SS grade 25g non-woven fabric (inner layer).

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