What Are the Classification of Industry Sewing Machine?

- Jan 17, 2020-

Industrial sewing machines are broadly divided into general, special, decorative and special sewing machines. Sewing is the main process of garment processing. In this process, sewing, stitching, overlocking, quilting, quilted sleeves, buttonholes,

Numerous operations such as buckle and zip fastening.

General sewing machine

◆ Industrial lockstitch sewing machine is a widely used equipment in garment production, mainly used for lockstitch. In recent years, industrial sewing machines are

In the direction of high speed and computerization, the vehicle speed has been increased from 3000r / min to 5000 ~ 6000r / min; sewing function

In addition to general use, it also has automatic reverse stitching, automatic thread trimming, automatic thread adjustment, automatic presser foot and automatic control of the needle position stop.

◆ Overlock sewing machine

Overlock sewing machine is divided into 3-, 4- and 5-thread overlock sewing machines, of which 3-thread overlock sewing machine (locking machine, yard edge machine) and 5-thread overlock sewing machine used widely.

◆ Interlock sewing machine

 Interlock sewing machine is mainly used for cotton wool, jersey splicing, rolling collar, piping, folding edge, interlock sewing, etc. for knitted underwear.

Special sewing machines

Special sewing machines are sewing machines used to complete certain special sewing processes, such as buttonhole machines, button sewing machines, box machine and so on.

Decorative sewing machine 

Decorative sewing machine is a sewing machine for sewing various beautiful decorative stitches and seams, such as embroidery machines, zigzag sewing machines, crescent machines, etc.

Special sewing machine

Special sewing machine is a sewing machine that can automatically complete the strict operation cycle according to the set process.

Automatic bag opening machine, automatic sleeve sleeve machine, automatic sewing piece machine, etc.

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