What are the advantages of the electronic pattern sewing machine?

- Dec 22, 2020-

In normal sewing work, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the upper and the bottom thread in order to sew perfect stitches. in the sewing work, the adjustment of the general fabric stitch is relatively easy to operate. You only need to adjust the tightness of the bottom line appropriately. For some highly elastic fabrics, try to adjust the bottom line relatively loosely. It can ensure that the products made are smooth and beautiful.

The electronic pattern sewing machine is a kind of mechanical equipment specially used in the manufacturing industry. The electronic pattern machine provides great convenience for some manufacturers. Now the machine has gradually been recognized and selected by more and more merchants, with high stability product quality, the computer sewing machine is a high-tech precision product, which can produce stable, beautiful and complex sewing stitches. It is one of the necessary equipment for high-end sewing products.

electronic pattern sewing machine

The electronic pattern sewing machine can sew any pattern you want (including straight lines, curves, rectangles, squares, lines, curves, rectangles, squares, etc.) at a speed of up to 2500 rpm, within a limited range ,with a stitch length of 0.1mm-12.7mm. sewing Round, herringbone, embroidery, chevron, polygon and other regular and irregular complex graphics). You only need to design and input the pattern once, it can be permanently stored in the internal memory of the host or in your own U disk, which is convenient for you to carry and use on other machines.

pattern sewing machine

disk of of the electronic pattern sewing machine


Thinness adjustment : it can adjust different thicknesses, you can adjust the depth of quilting according to the relevant instructions.

Pattern storage : the disk of of the electronic pattern sewing machine can store patterns for a long time, users can choose to add patterns according to their needs. The operation is simple, convenient and fast.

Set line step : strong reliability, uniform line step, the pattern is not easy to deform.


The working environment of the electronic pattern machine cannot be put together with the steam ironing equipment, because the humid environment can easily cause the internal short circuit of the electronic pattern machine. During thunderstorms, the relevant power supply of the electronic pattern machine should be turned off to avoid affecting the operation of the equipment. The machine cannot be placed in a place directly exposed to sunlight, as this will burn the host's chip and cause a major accident.

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