What are the advantages of Automatic Pocket Welting Machine?

- Nov 19, 2020-

To welt the pocket manually, you need to mark the position of the pocket firstly. The Automatic Pocket Welting Machine can freely adjust and accurately position the infrared ray. Automatic Pocket Welting Machine.jpg

There is no need to draw powder and one less process, which can save a lot of time , it is more clean and hygienic.

Manual way is not standard, the length of the cutting is different. It is easy to cut the fabric if you are not careful. The artificial cutting is easy to burr, snag and other phenomena, which is not beautiful, the pocket is easier to wear. Electronic Laser Pocket Welting Machine cutting standard is uniform,There is no error in the fixed opening length, the opening has no burrs, it is neat and beautiful.

Today’s product quality requirements are getting higher and higher, it’s not easy to recruit skilled workers to work manually. It usually takes a few years to do a flat machine to welt high-quality pockets. Newcomers who have not made clothing before Automatic Pocket Welting Machine can do it. Put them in order. The fabric can be used, all of which are standard, the pockets welting speed is 3-5 times faster than manually, and the output is greatly improved.

For the same order volume, manual pockets welting requires more people than Electronic Laser Pocket Welting Machine. It is more difficult to manage people than machines, which increases management costs.

Summary: Automatic Pocket Welting Machine not only increased the wages of workers, but also increased the profit of the clothing factory owner. The pockets welting were more standard and beautiful, the output was greatly improved, the delivery cycle was shortened, the customers who placed orders in the clothing factory were more satisfied,to achieve a Win-win situation!

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