What Are Advantages of CNC Automatic Computer Sewing Machine?

- Dec 19, 2019-

CNC automatic computer sewing machine, in response to today's difficult recruitment, high labor costs and complex sewing processes, breaks through the traditional concept research. It breaks advanced design concepts, excellent functions and traditional methods.

Modify or add various automatic mechanical actions according to the actual situation of the work, let the machine automate intelligent work, effectively improve production efficiency, one-click operation, as long as the start button is pressed, the machine will automatically work, as long as workers prepare other template. To solve the traditional electronic flat car and long-arm template machine completely, workers need to implement it, and the unevenness of the line of the car that is pushed out by hand is not standard. The disadvantages of low work efficiency. Let’s look at advantages and disadvantages between traditional sewing machine and CNC automatic computer sewing machine.

CNC automatic computer sewing machine

◆ Traditional sewing machine:

It not only does the worker need to promote, but the unevenness of the line of the car pushed out by the hand is not standard. The work efficiency is low.

◆ CNC automatic computer sewing machine:

It can receive and read the electronic paper documents or self-made patterns of the development and design department. Effectively improve production efficiency, one-click operation, the machine will automatically run according to the pattern as soon as the power button is pressed to the mold slot, and automatically run the stitches according to the pattern. The workers are free to prepare other template work. The machine has an automatic pattern recognition function that automatically recognizes the corresponding pattern on the pattern. 

It reduces the number of processes and workers, and improve efficiency to the extreme. At the same time, the quality of the product is greatly improved, and the production of products with special craftsmanship is more handy. Animation position integrates full-automatic CNC template automatic sewing machine, save your time, increase production efficiency, greatly save production costs, and improve competitiveness.

Automatic sewing machine integrates the most advanced computer electrical control technology into the sewing machine, advanced design concepts, excellent functions and subverts traditional processes.

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