Types of face mask machines

- Sep 04, 2020-

To purchase a face mask machine, you should choose different types of mask machines according to production efficiency, price, function, and type. Different types of masks are also different. Let me tell you about the types of mask machines:

1. Fully automatic cup mask machine features:

The advanced servo and constant temperature control system it adopts is controlled by PLC program, so that the material enters → forming → welding → punching is completed at one time, and the entire production process is fully automated. Just configure a fully automatic cup mask nose bridge strip and ear strap welding machine to produce countless types of cup mask products that are sold in the market. The products are exquisitely made and the quality fully meets or exceeds the external testing standards. At the same time, compared with the previous market mask equipment, it saves more than 30% of the material, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Types of face mask machines

2.All from n95 face mask machine:

Fully automated production of mask body machine, including feeding, plastic strip-type aluminum strip insertion/shortening, scene selection, ultrasonic fusion, slicing, etc. The entire process is automated, with high output, it can produce 1-200 pieces per minute. The main power is variable frequency speed regulation, which can be fast or slow. Different materials can be used to produce different masks. The products have two and three layers, and the product quality is stable, easy to operate, low noise and small footprint. It is suitable for processing disposable masks.

3.Flat mask machine:

Flat face mask machine: Ultrasonic inner ear mask machine uses ultrasonic welding. When the mask is moved to the processing position, ultrasonic waves are automatically generated, forming micro-amplitude and high-frequency vibrations on the ear straps, which are instantly converted into heat to melt the material to be processed , To make the ear straps permanently stick or embed on the inside of the mask body, only one operator needs to place the mask body piece by piece in the mask tray, the equipment will automatically operate the subsequent actions until the finished product is completed.

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