The types of industrial shoe sewing machine

- Oct 22, 2019-

As early as the 19th century, the invention of the sewing machine created the conditions for the manufacture of shoes, formed the division of work in the production of shoes and the work of making the bottom. After that, according to the mechanical principle of the leather shoe sewing machine, the machine for making the soles was invented. Therefore, the indusrial shoe sewing machine mentioned in the leather products industry. One refers to the seaming equipment used in the seaming process such as the outer thread machine, the inner threading machine and the slitting machine combined with the upper and the sole, and the other is the combination of the upper parts and Sewing machines used in the production of leather goods, leather suede clothing and luggage. In the special sewing machine for shoemaking, it is divided into platform (plate) type, cylinder type and high stage according to the form of work table.

shoe sewing machine

What are the characteristics of the three types?

1) Platform type sewing machine: It also called flat sewing machine, its working panel is on the same plate as the table of the sewing machine. It can directly depend on the table. The sewing speed is 2400~5000 needles per minute, and the sewing thickness can reach 7mm, easy to operate, easy to change the sewing direction, easy to install other auxiliary parts on the platen; suitable for plane stitching, wrinkle stitching, etc.

2) Cylindrical sewing machine: It can also be called a cantilever sewing machine. Its working panel has a circular arc shape. It is on the cylindrical cantilever and is higher than the plane of the table of the sewing machine and is suspended. The degree of freedom is large, and the cylindrical part is convenient. The movement is unhindered during sewing; there are long mouth shuttle, interlocking wire lifting device, smooth feeding device and roller foot which can swing upward; the needle code can be adjusted steplessly, the stitch density is accurate, and the brake wire is tight. The sewing speed is 1400 to 1600 needles per minute, and the maximum sewing thickness is 9 to 11 mm. It is especially suitable for sewing leather uppers, curved surfaces and boots.

3) High-top sewing machine: It can also called column-type, high-pile sewing machine, the working panel is located at the top of the column, the column is erected on the table of the sewing machine, and the table is much higher than the table, so it is called high bench and high pile type. The sewing direction of the parts can be changed arbitrarily. The stitch code adjustment is very easy, and the carriage return sewing can be easily controlled. The maximum sewing speed is 2600 to 2800 stitches per minute, and the maximum sewing thickness is 7 mm. It is suitable for sewing all kinds of leather uppers and curved and boot parts in any direction.


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