The structure of Direct Drive Sewing Machine

- Sep 03, 2019-

Direct drive mechanism means that a device is directly supplied by the motor without passing through a speed reduction mechanism to supply power source. The corresponding motor is called direct drive motor. It also referred to as DD motor. The lower speed DD motor will also be called torque motor because its torque will be higher than that of the same power motor. Direct drive sewing machine is a form of direct drive mechanism.

A sewing machine is a machine that uses one or more sewing threads to form one or more stitches on a sewing material to interlace or stitch one or more layers of sewing material. The sewing machine can sew cotton, linen, silk, wool, rayon and other fabrics and leather, plastic, paper and other products. The stitches are neat and beautiful, flat and firm, and the sewing speed is fast and easy to use.

At present, most sewing machines use a different-axis driving method. That is: the belt is connected to the motor and the rotating shaft to realize the sewing operation of the sewing machine. The different-axis sewing machine requires additional belts and pulleys, and the motor also needs to occupy some space in the up and down direction, which making the use of the sewing machine is very inconvenient.

Direct drive sewing machine

The most sewing machine adopts a direct drive sewing mechanism, which it is composed of a sewing mechanism, an internal pressure mechanism and a receiving mechanism. That sewing mechanism comprises: a motor, a rotating shaft, a shaft coupling, a sleeve, a rotating wheel, a lifting rod, a syringe holder and a syringe. The motor and the rotating shaft are connected by a shaft coupling. And the rotating shaft penetrates the center of the rotating wheel and the sleeve. The two ends of the lifting rod are respectively fixed with the circumference of the rotating wheel and the syringe. And the syringe is inserted into the syringe holder. The internal pressure mechanism comprises: an internal pressure handle, a bending link, an inner presser foot and an inner presser foot. The inner pressing foot is L-shaped, which one arm of the inner pressing foot is inserted into the inner pressing stand, anther arm of the bending connecting rod and the inner pressing handle are formed.

The direct drive sewing machine has the beneficial effects .It not only can reduce the space occupied in the longitudinal direction and save parts effectively, but also can prevent the shaft from shaking during work and ensuring the sewing quality.

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