The operation process of the Shoe Making Machine

- Apr 01, 2021-

1.If the current die-station is used, The feed amount after automatic start is the set amount. If the feed is not up to the fixed amount, the action of the relevant mold, only fast mold closing action is allowed, and the slow will only take place after the feed reaches the set amount. after the Shoe Making Machine's mold is stopped, do the injection and mold opening action.

2.If the current die-station is not in use, it will automatically start, the disc will move to the next used, the feeding amount of the material is reached, and the next mold position will be used for the set amount of the feeding action. After the turntable is positioned, the fast mold closing (set by time) stops, the feed amount is reached, do slow mold closing, after the shoe mold is stopped, the material is shot and the mold is opened.

3.When the main and auxiliary Shoe Making Machine are used at the same time, the automatic actions of the both must be completed until the mold is opened before the disc runs to the next used mold position.

Shoe Making Machine

4.The disc slows down to the positioning stop when the "slow point" is detected. If the mold position is used for positioning, the mold will close until the it is opened again. the turntable does not move, but the feeding action will do the next feeding of the next used mold. When the turntable is suspended (rotate clockwise), the disk moves to the next . If the shoe machine mold position is not used, the disc will be positioned in the most recent mold until the turntable is suspended before moving to the next mold.

Precautions for the use of the Shoe Making Machine:

1.The shoe workshop needs to be well ventilated, the temperature of the shoe machine needs to be protected during production, which is not too high.

2.The shoe machine workshop requires less dust, the reserved space for maintenance and repair of machinery should be spacious.

3. The shoe-making workshop needs to have good drainage or high terrain, the shoe-making machinery should be placed indoors as much as possible or with good rain-proof facilities.

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