The definition and dateline of sewing machine

- Sep 10, 2019-

A machine with a mechanically driven needle for sewing or stitching cloth, which is sewing machine. It is used in many zones, such as industry sewing machine, family sewing machine and so on. But do you know its origin?

The invention of sewing machines can back to the 18th century. In order to improve the efficiency of shoemaking, Thomas Sein, an Englishman, painstakingly designed a single-thread chain stitching machine for shoemaking. In 1790, he built the first wooden body in London, part of which was a hand sewing machine made of metal. This machine is rude and not very practical, but it opens the door to the invention of sewing machines. Because there was no record of sewing machinery manufacturing, his patents were neglected in the patent pool of textile machinery for 83 years. Later, the machine was reproduced and exhibited at the 1878 Paris World Expo.

After World War II, the sewing machine industry in Germany, Italy and Japan developed rapidly. In addition to the companies still producing high-grade traditional domestic sewing machines, most enterprises in Europe began to produce industrial sewing machines. During this period, Japanese sewing machine enterprises, with the support of the government, began to produce cheap sewing machines, which were sold to the United States and all over the world and occupied the international market. Let’s look at its development.

Development of Sewing Machine 1

Since the invention of sewing machine, it has a history of more than 220 years. In this process, it has been constantly changing, improving and improving. It has formed a variety of products, styles and brands I, which has developed to more than 6000 kinds. There are household sewing machines known to all, which are divided into ordinary household sewing machines and multi-functional household machines, sewing machines, home computer embroidery machines.

Development of Sewing Machine 2

In addition to the familiar flat sewing, package sewing and stretch sewing series, the double needle, multi-needle, chain sewing, zigzag sewing, nail fastening, keyhole and sleeve sewing; the dark sewing, coiling, package and bead edge; the various single-head, multi-head, multi-needle embroidery machines, cap embroidery machines, quilting machines; the automatic bagging machine, pattern sewing machine, imitation sewing machine. Machine, automatic combination sewing machine; shoe sewing machine, internal thread machine, elevated sewing machine, sleeve machine for special purpose, trousers earphone, sock head sewing machine, fur splicing machine, leather edge rolling machine, zipper gear arranging machine, pleating sewing machine, etc

Development of Sewing Machines 3

With the development of science and technology, computer technology has been widely used, such as sensing technology, fuzzy control technology, remote sensing technology, laser technology, nanometer and magnetic levitation technology. The sewing machine directly uses computer technology to replace the whole machine for sewing. The sewing function is more and more, and the operation is more and more convenient. Sewing automation is mostly to realize the automation of the operator's material processing work. Material processing time not only occupies most of the sewing time, but also is an important factor for the formation of quality instability.

Development of Sewing Machines 4

The 21st century is the information age. It is an inevitable trend for informationization to drive industrialization. Sewing machinery, as an important link in the garment industry chain, must also enter the information age. In the future, garment can not be manufactured in a human-intensive way, and will enter the stage of technology-intensive and intelligent control. Automated cutting equipment, automatic sewing equipment and automatic hanging system will be widely used in garment production. The production mode of enterprises will be changed from single machine production to cluster production mode. The sewing machinery with central cluster control system will play an important role in the garment production enterprises.



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