Testing of the lubrication performance of industrial sewing machines.

- Aug 10, 2020-

Because each movement pair adopts a large number of sliding friction structures with shaft and sleeve matching, under high-speed operation conditions, the linear speed of sliding friction is high, and sliding friction is very easy to generate heat, which is easy to cause the movement pair to seize. To this end, in order to ensure the normal operation of the industrial sewing machines, the motion sub-lubrication should be carried out to reduce the friction between the motion sub-components of the mechanism, so that the motion side members of the mechanism do not heat or bite to death.

In high-speed sewing machines, there are not only oil supply systems that use oil pumps, but also oil return systems that use oil pumps to return oil. The oil supply system used by the sewing machine using the oil pump is an open large quantity of oil output, most of which flows back to the tank by means of self-flow. On the head face of the sewing machine, there is a closed cavity in which the burr mechanism and thread take-up mechanism need to be lubricated. The oil supply system of the oil pump also uses an open oil supply method to supply oil. There is no channel in the body, and it flows back to the fuel tank in a self-flowing way. Thus, in this closed cavity, also equipped with an oil pump oil return system, the oil supply system openly a large number of oil input, by the oil pump oil return system will be a large number of the oil transfer back to the tank.

lubrication performance of industrial sewing machines

Therefore, the lubrication system of the industrial sewing machine, generally includes the oil supply system supplied by the oil pump and the oil return system absorbed by the oil pump, so as to ensure the high speed and continuous operation of the sewing machine. Lubrication is also an important operational performance item during the use of sewing machines.

Lubrication is an important running performance project that reflects the design level and manufacturing level of sewing machines. Lubrication project verification method: During the low-speed operation of the industrial sewing machine, observe the oil supply of the oil window.

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