TCF-243 Flat Bed Compound Feed Extra Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine

- Dec 27, 2018-

Product Detail

Basic Info:

  • Model Number.:TCF-243

  • Type: Extra heavy duty materieal

  • Hook: Shuttle hook

Product Description:

  • This type of sewing machine is the super powerful type of in the extra-thick series sewing machines adopting comprehensive feeding mode and cylinder-shaped sewing table. The feeding power is stable and strong so that it is able to sew multilayer extra-thick materials easily with nice and accurate stitches. 

  • The sewing machine adopts imported large-scale special type shuttle hook that has a large amount of bobbin thread with high sewing efficiency. Bobbin winding device is located at the top of machine head and presser's lifting capacity can be 23mm. 

  • This type of sewing machine is applicable for thick and extremely-thick materials such as handlebar of handbag, baseball gloves, sports apparatus, safety belt, tent, seat cushion and luggage. 

  • Silicone oil box, located at the top of machine head, is used lubricate seams and cool needle that is very convenient and the stitch is much more beautiful, stiffer and smoother.

  • Topeagle tcf-243 heavy duty sewing machine
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