Ornamental Stitch Sewing Machine (TSH-2081)

- Dec 27, 2018-

TSH-2081 Cylinder Bed Ornamental Stitch Shoe Sewing Machine

Name: Cylinder Double Needle Ornamental Stitch Sewing Machine 

Machine Model: TSH-2081

Certificate: CE, ISO9001.

Trade mark: TOPEAGLE

Type: Cylinder Bed.


This machine is a cylinder bed, double needle ornamental stitching machine, it can sew 12 kind stitches patterns through changing cam,which suitable for shoe upper, hand bags, suit cases, it is supplied with complete set with servo motor, stand and table.

ornamental stitch sewing machine

TSH-2081 sewing machine for moccasins stitches 04

For the further details, please check: TSH-2081 Ornamental stitch sewing machine

For the video, please check: TSH-2081 Ornamental stitch sewing machine 

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