Installation and adjustment of ultrasonic lace machine wheel

- Jun 11, 2020-

Installation and adjustment of ultrasonic lace machine wheel

1. Installation of the flower wheel

When installing the flower wheel, the mold frame must be placed in the rising position, you can remove the left cover plate of the flower wheel, install the flower wheel, install the left cover plate of the mold frame and lock the screws, lower the flower wheel frame so that the flower wheel comes into contact with the mold, by adjusting the eccentric wheel, so that the flower wheel work surface is parallel to the mold working surface.

2. The adjustment method of Flower wheel

1) A4 paper can be used to place the pressure in the press wheel and the flower wheel. When the pressure is adjusted to 1.5KG, the adjusting nut of the wheel cylinder is unscrewed upward without limit, then the upper and lower die speed button is adjusted to the scale 2 position, the output power is adjusted to 4 position, the press wheel switch is pressed, then the wheel pedal is pressed, and the rear pedal is depressed. Wait for at least one turn of the wheel to go, then release the flower wheel pedal, then press the wheel pedal again, so that the flower wheel rises while pressing the pressure wheel switch.Let the press wheel rise and take out the white paper to see if the embossing is balanced.

ultrasonic lace machine wheel

2) When embossing is unbalanced, first loosen the eccentric wheel locking screw on the left cover plate of the die holder, then rotate the eccentric wheel (clockwise) and the wheel moves upwards; on the contrary, lock the eccentric wheel and repeat the above actions until it is balanced.

3) After adjusting the flower wheel level with A4 paper, please also adjust the screw limit under the flower wheel cylinder so that the flower wheel is in just contact with the steel mold. (Preventing flower wheel sliding and steel mold collision wear)  

4) Adjust the pressure of the flower wheel according to the thickness of the suture or rolling material. Thicker material pressure is higher, and on the other hand smaller.   

5) According to the material to be fused different, thickness and thin, as well as the complexity of the pattern of the flower wheel, the force of the combined adjustment of the following three aspects, in order to achieve the ideal fuse effect:

(1) The speed of the flower wheel line;

(2) flower wheel pressure;

(3) Ultrasonic power size.

6) Flower wheel of ultrasonic lace machine inspection:

The pattern of the wheel must be sharp with a hardness of HRC60 to 61 degrees.Worn, rusted wheels must not be used to avoid affecting product quality or accelerating die wear due to increased wheel pressure.

7) Control of the flower wheel pressure:

The pattern is complex and the pressure can be increased.  

The pattern is not sharp eased, and the pressure can be increased a little.

The sound amplitude of the steel mold is small and the pressure can be increased.

Chemical fiber content of higher materials (such as NYLON), the pressure can be reduced, on the contrary, such as TC cloth, the pressure can be increased.

For thick materials, the pressure can be increased a little.

The smaller the wheel pressure, the better the same mass and same processing speed.(Low pressure, low wear on steel dies and wheel, long life of equipment)

Applicable products: various chemical fibre fabrics, various artificial leather, nonwovens, dispense cotton, thermoplastic film, chemical plastic sheets

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