How to solve the synchrotron failure of the computer pattern machine?

- Jul 31, 2020-

How to solve the synchrotron failure of the computer pattern machine.

(1) Check for the fault of the synchronizer. The needle position (upper stop position or lower stop position) of the machine should be checked. If there is a malfunction, the needle position will not be stable (arbitrarily stopped), and the safety circuit will operate, instructing the sewing machine to continue running at the sewing speed controlled by the clutch motor without thread trimming. If the machine is running at high speed, indicating that there is a problem with the synchronizer, the synchronizer should be repaired or replaced.

(2) The removal of the synchronizer.

Remove the synchronous detector stator plug-in unit, the belt guard, and the belt on the pulley from the motor; loosen the fastening screw of the belt and remove the pulley; remove the flexible wire fixing screw and the 4 fixings of the synchronizer stator mounting base Screw; take out the synchronizer stator.

computer pattern machine

(3) The installation of the synchronizer.

Install the new or repaired synchronizer stator and fix it with screws, press the stator to the side of the sleeve on the back of the computer pattern machine, re-tighten the screws, install the pulley, and fasten the first screw on the plane of the upper shaft. Keep a gap of 1+0.5mm between the stator mounting base and the needle position detection magnet; Turn the belt wheel by hand to confirm whether there is a wear area and whether the rotation is flexible; Turn the pulley to make the needle at the lower needle stop position; turn on the power switch and the sewing machine runs to raise the needle to the upper needle stop position. If there is a great error in the position of the upper stop pin, check the position of the wheel fixing screw, run the sewing machine at low speed, confirm that there is no sound, install a shield, reconfirm whether there is a touch and rub sound, and finally adjust the position of the needle stop up and down. The standard upper needle stop position is after thread trimming. When stopping, the red engraved dot on the machine is aligned with the white engraved dot on the pulley. The standard lower needle stop position is the lower needle stop when the pedal changes from the front pedal to neutral. Bit. The range of the lower needle stop position is 18~22mm from the plane of the needle plate to the lower end of the needle fixing screw. If it exceeds, the fixing screw should be loosened and adjusted.

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