How to solve the jumper of industrial sewing machine?

- Sep 07, 2020-

What is the reason why industrial sewing machines always jumper and how to solve it? Yinggao Company will answer for you. Now whether it is an industrial sewing machine, an electric sewing machine, or some seam charters, wrap side machines, there will be continuous jumper problems. When encountering such problems, our solution is usually to check the following points to determine the cause and The correction is as follows:

1. The end of the bottom thread is too short and the thread loop cannot cover the bottom thread; Take out the hook and pull the bottom thread out about 10 cm

2. After long-term use or improper maintenance of the needle, the position of the parts has changed and the sewing requirements are not met; replace qualified parts as required, Adjust the height of the needle bar, the distance and clearance between the needle and the hook tip.

3. The upper thread becomes hot due to the heat of the needle; The chemical fiber thread should be made of cold needle (silicone oil);

jumper of industrial sewing machine

4. When sewing special materials, the loop cannot be formed normally; We should slow down the sewing speed and increase the smoothness of the upper thread.

5. The industrial sewing machine is equipped with an automatic thread trimming machine. After trimming, the upper thread of the needle is too short and the upper thread comes out of the needle hole; adjust thread trimming cam coordination time.

6. The presser foot groove is too wide. When the needle-punched cloth is withdrawn, the sewing material will move and affect the loop. the situation has the greatest impact when making thin materials; According to the sewing material, move the presser foot to the left or right, or fill the wide groove with solder and then open a narrower groove, and polish or replace the qualified presser foot.

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