How to reasonably use computer control sewing machine?

- Jan 18, 2021-

1. Good use environment;

(1). A reasonable working environment for computer control sewing machine. First of all, don't install the equipment in a place with strong electric noise or high-frequency welding, which will affect the equipment or cause the machine to not work normally.

(2) The workshop should maintain an indoor temperature of 5~35℃. Too high or too low temperature will affect the normal operation of the equipment.

(3) Humidity can cause short circuit inside the machine. The relative humidity should be kept at 45-85%, it should not be installed with sewing equipment with water vapor.

(4) Dust easily corrodes the circuit board, so the equipment and workshop should be kept clean.

(5) Use a stabilized power supply (power supply bureau or install a stabilizer), with grounding function (if you need to cut off the power, you must shut down first).

computer control sewing machine

For example, it is strictly forbidden to put a live wire on the 380V three-phase four-wire three-phase live wire, and then use a neutral wire as the 220V power supply as the power cord of the computer sewing equipment, which often causes frequent equipment accidents or crashes. (The main reason is that the voltage is too high or too low). Maintenance personnel often don't pay attention to this, and desperately adjust the equipment, which causes a lot of unnecessary trouble. In fact, only the power supply is stabilized, and the equipment will return to normal immediately.

(6) Any computer control sewing machine must be maintained under the rated voltage of the power supply bureau, not exceeding ±10%, too large or insufficient will affect the equipment can not work normally, but the power supply must be greater than the power consumption of the sewing machine.

(7) The machine should not be directly exposed to the oblique outdoor sunlight. The temperature generated by the light on the machine head can easily burn the display, the light on the rack can easily burn the chip in the main machine and cause major accidents, so the sun can shine in the workshop and curtains.

(8) The power should be turned off during lightning weather, because lightning will directly affect the normal operation of the equipment.

use computer control sewing machine

2. Develop the habit of using computer control sewing machine correctly;

(1) Boot sequence: Peripheral (power switch)-host.

(2) Shutdown sequence: host-peripheral.

(3)Do not switch the machine frequently, otherwise the current will easily impact the hardware, and the electric control will be shut down suddenly when the electric control is working, which may damage the electric control.

(4) All running programs must be closed when shutting down. After the switch is turned on, exit in the normal order, otherwise the system will be easily damaged and cannot be started.

3. Power supply software and hardware status;

(1). After turning on the machine, the operator should observe the self-check of the equipment and do not touch the computer (host) during the self-check.

(2). Click each system of the device to view the operation of the device.

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