How to purchase the corresponding model of mask machine products?

- Aug 29, 2020-

For face mask manufacturers, what kind of face masks they want to manufacture need to choose the corresponding quality face mask machine equipment, because each mask corresponds to a form of mask machine. For example, various types of mask machines, such as cup-shaped, special-shaped, and flat, all have corresponding mask products. Therefore, the corresponding mask manufacturer wants to buy the corresponding model of mask machine products.

disposable masks

1. We should choose good mask materials, In China, our disposable masks are the mainstream products of mask manufacturers. Most of the special-shaped masks are made of non-woven materials. the material does not have any peculiar smell and does not cause any harm to the human body. Face contacting will not be irritating or allergic. The cup-shaped masks, special-shaped masks with nose bridge strips can also allow the two sides of the nostrils to be tightly integrated with the mask, thereby effectively avoiding air leakage and deflation. As we all know, non-woven materials are very energy-saving and environmentally friendly, mainly composed of polypropylene materials, so the cost price will be lower.

2. Choose the type of mask: After choosing good materials for making masks, we should start choosing the type of mask. At present, the flat face mask on the market is a relatively common type. Its manufacturing cost is low and it is easy to use. It is suitable for use in boiler dust occasions such as factories, workshops, and companies. Part of the large and medium-sized cities now have serious PM2.5 pollution, so N95 masks have appeared on the market again. The manufacturing cost of this mask is relatively high, but it can effectively filter the fine dust in the air and is also effective. To prevent the harm of PM2.5 to the human body, this mask is more suitable for people living in urban areas. Of course, different masks have different functions, mainly depending on how mask manufacturers position their markets.

3. Choose a face mask machine manufacturer with a good reputation: The mask machine is really perfect in the "you get what you pay for ". If you buy a bargain for cheap, not only the production capacity of the machinery is low, but there are occasional glitches. Choosing a good quality face mask machine means choosing a good technology and a good manufacturer.

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