How to produce qualified masks?

- Aug 24, 2020-

For the 1+1 face mask machine, the entire process is automated from 2-6 layers of raw materials, including: body welding, automatic printing, automatic nose bridge, double folding, ear band welding, folding molding, and finished product output.

This machine adopts PLC control, automatic tension, servo feeding, correction positioning, photoelectric tracking, DC53 mold, perfect coordination for every production link. According to the different raw materials used, the masks produced can meet different standards such as FFP1, FFP2, N95, etc., which improves the efficiency and improves the quality of the finished masks. In order to meet market demand, customers can change molds and adjust equipment according to their actual needs according to different product shapes, it can produce masks of different specifications and sizes. It is also equipped with a waste recycling device, which can be used in any environment. The equipment runs stably, with long-term continuous production, and the product qualification rate is over 99%.

1+1 face mask machine

After feeding and setting, automated production operations can be realized, which greatly improves the efficiency of mask production. When using the 1+1 face mask machine, you should operate in strict accordance with the requirements. Regular maintenance and maintenance of the mask machine can greatly reduce the occurrence of production failures. In the process of using, it is necessary to discover the abnormal phenomenon of the mask machine in time and investigate it immediately. After operation, shut down and power off in time, and conduct a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of the mechanical equipment, clean up the debris and garbage on the mask machine, and ensure the cleanliness of the equipment. At the same time, check the mask machine for errors and wear, and check and maintain its wiring and components to ensure safe and normal operation.

When the 1+1 face mask machine fails during operation, the operation of the equipment should be stopped in time and professional maintenance personnel should be repaired to avoid the expansion of minor problems and affect the future use of the mask machine. When the relevant production personnel operate the ultrasonic mask machine, it is inevitable to shut down the ultrasonic mask machine during the off-duty period, and conduct a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of the machine. The debris and garbage on the mask machine can be cleaned with alcohol and detergent, and can be inspected at the same time Whether the ultrasonic mask machine has errors or wear, the circuit of the mask machine can be checked, components, electrical boxes and other equipment can be regularly maintained.

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