How to operate Hot Air Welding Machine?

- May 26, 2020-

1. Total power switch: control the power supply of the whole Hot Air Welding Machine on and off.

2. Temperature control circuit:

By controlling the temperature of the hot air gun and setting the temperature value arbitrarily from room temperature to 700 degrees C in the micro-computer monitoring table, the temperature control electronic circuit can change the control voltage controlled by the voltage regulating module, thus controlling the current of the hot air gun heating wire, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the temperature of the hot air gun with automatic signal tracking.

3. Solenoid pack:

Connect the air path of the upper cylinder, the wind gun swing cylinder, the scissor steam cylinder, and the electronic circuit controls the change of the pneumatic air way of the valve group.

4. Uproller pressure control spin:

Pull out the rotary button first to lift the lock to stop the rotation of the new, which can adjust the pressure size of the upper pressure wheel,- - adjusted in 1.0 to 1.2 kg/cm2 is appropriate, it can read data from the upper pressure gauge pressure gauge, after adjusting the pressure of the spin (i.e. lock pressure).


5. Left and right foot switch action:

Under normal operating conditions, it is used to control the operation of the entire Hot Air Welding Machine: step down the left foot, press the upper pressure wheel down, and release, lift the upwheel. Step on your right foot and turn the wheel forward; Here's how:

1. First step down the left foot step not to let go, the upper pressure wheel under pressure;

(2) Step on the right foot, hot air gun in, the pressure wheel is turning, it starts to work;

(3) release the right foot (left foot not moving), hot air gun out, suspend edging work;

(4) step on the right foot, hot air gun into, continue to work;

(5) First release the left foot pedal, then release the right foot pedal or both feet at the same time, automatic belt cutting, tail sealing, automatic belt feeding, and finish the work.

6. Air filtration atomizer action:

Compressed air is removed by the filter and entered into the oil atomizer, which is then sent to the upper cylinder, the wind gun swing cylinder and the scissor cylinder, lubricating and pushing the cylinders.

The filter is equipped with - a barometer and a regulator handle, pull out the handle rotation, which can read on the barometer the working pressure of the machine, - adjust to 3.5 to 4 kg/cm is appropriate.

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