How to maintain the mask machine?

- Aug 27, 2020-

Because of the occurrence of coronavirus, so that masks, face mask machines appear in our line of sight, the price of melted spray cloth is copied from 16,000 / t to 700,000 / t, before people ignored the medical mask materials, which has now become a hot product.

face mask machines

If your friends don’t sell masks, meltblown cloths, and mask machines, it means that you are basically out! Because of the occurrence of an "epidemic", more people have become "obsessed".

Check and adjust, specifically check the engine, clutch, transmission and other positions of the dust removal system of the mask machine.

Remove the wear and tear of various parts, and check the various transmission systems of the face mask machine equipment.

Pay attention to timely lubrication. If the parts are loose, the tightening process should be carried out in time to ensure that the mask machine can operate normally.

The above are the 3 maintenance tips about the dust removal system of the face mask machine that our classmates compiled for everyone. Have you tried it?

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