How to deal with the ultrasonic fault of the Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine?

- Nov 05, 2020-

1.The fault is prejudged by ultrasonic sound.

The ultrasonic frequency emitted by the ultrasonic components used in the Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine is 20kHz, while the human ear's perception of the sound frequency ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz. In other words, the ultrasonic waves emitted by the mask machine equipment are close to the hearing limit of human ears. We can directly judge whether there is a problem with the ultrasonic components by listening to the sound, so as to carry out early failure intervention and reduce the impact. Therefore, when the ultrasound is working normally, what people can hear is a relatively sharp, uniform, and subtle high-frequency sound. The sound will be more obvious only when it starts and stops. Once you have heard the sound of ultrasonic sound appearing messy or obvious metal friction sound, it means that the ultrasonic wave is likely to be abnormal. It is recommended to stop the maintenance of related parts to avoid greater damage.

ultrasonic sound

Ultrasonic troubleshooting self-check.

repair.mask machine

2.Ultrasonic troubleshooting: self-check.

After the ultrasound is abnormal, the user can do a check by himself. After the Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine is stopped, open the door cover of the mask machine, find the ultrasonic component, check whether the screw connecting the horn and the fixed flange is loose, tighten and re-fix it, which is also the most common ultrasonic fault situation, as long as it is simple to repair and deal with.

3.Ultrasonic troubleshooting: return to factory for repair.

If the flange screws are properly tightened after the ultrasonic is abnormal, it is very likely that there is a problem with the connecting bolts in the three-piece assembly of the steel mold, the horn and the transducer. The bolts here have very high requirements for torque. In this case, the user generally does not have the ability to repair, it is recommended to call the original factory for repair.

Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine

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