How to deal with the failure of the Automatic Pocket Welting Machine?

- Jan 28, 2021-

The Automatic Pocket Welting Machine has a high degree of automation, it is easy to operate. You only need to press the "start button" or pedal to operate, and the sewing process is fully automatic.

The Automatic Pocket Welting Machine is used in luggage, handbags, shoe factories, clothing, sports and recreational devices and other factories. The computerized automatic pocket machine has completely replaced manual labor. It has functions such as automatic thread trimming, automatic back stitching, and sewing speed Fastly, improve work efficiency, save a lot of labor, reduce labor costs for the company, and facilitate management.

The Automatic Pocket Welting Machine can actively carry out the set sewing industry after checking and responding according to the changes in the sewing process. Such as: active seam, thick and thin materials can be sewn, speed change, torque change, active thread trimming, needle compensation, presser foot lifting.

Automatic Pocket Welting Machine                                                     Pocket Welting

1. Fault characteristics: When sending, the half-turn is stagnant, and there is a stagnant point in the half-turn or every turn.

Product reason: The inner wheel of the shuttle bed of the automatic pocket machine is not only half-turn stagnant but also accompanied by severe jitter and noise when the thread head is running. The position of the feed dog is too high or dirt accumulates in the gap between the teeth, causing the feed dog to collide with the needle plate when it rises.

Treatment method: clean the shuttle bed and add a little sewing machine oil. Clean or lower the feeding dog of the computerized automatic bag applicator. Replace or straighten the needle bar.

2. Fault feature: the machine head rotates sluggishly.

Product reason: The wrong lubricant was added, especially after vegetable oil was added. There is too much dirt in the shuttle bed, and the connecting rod screws and the cone screws of the computer automatic pocket patching machine are too tight.

Treatment method: After washing with kerosene, refill the sewing machine oil. Clean the shuttle bed and loosen the screws to ensure a certain gap.

3. Fault feature: the machine head is stuck and cannot move.

Product reason: The position of the feed dog is too front or too back, touching the needle board. The needle bar is installed too high, and the needle clamp is touching the casing.

Treatment method: adjust the position of the feed dog, re-align the needle, and adjust the height of the needle bar.

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