How to choose a leather sofa?

- Dec 25, 2018-

       The leather sofa is luxurious, solemn and solemn, and is popular among consumers who pursue quality of life and taste. The price of leather sofas is often high, and how to choose a leather sofa is very important. This article will teach you the following methods to choose the right leather sofa.

       First, identify the leather fabric: The most important thing about leather sofas is the leather fabric they use. A good set of leather sofas is made with almost ten cow's cowhide, plus cumbersome and meticulous craftsmanship, exquisite design, and highlighting the taste. Therefore, the true and false fabrics are good or bad, which is the first factor that determines the quality of leather sofas.

     The dermis can be identified from the following aspects. When looking at dermis and man-made materials, look at the appearance first, the leather has no base, and the artificial material has a base. Touching by hand, the artificial material has a very strong plastic feeling, and the gloss is bright. The winter hand touch has a cold feeling, and the leather has a smooth hand touch without a cold feeling. Use the thumb to press the softer part of the finished product. There will be many small and even patterns on the dermis around the thumb. The thumb will lift and the pattern will disappear. The artificial material may have no pattern, and the rough lines may appear. The thumb is lifted and the pattern does not disappear. , indicating that the grain layer on the surface of the material and the underlying mesh layer have been disengaged. The third observation section, the dermis section is composed of irregular fibers. After scraping the broken fiber with a fingernail, the cross section has no obvious change. For the dermis, the texture of different parts is irregular, the nose smells smelly, and the artificial leather smells plastic. Or rubbery, the texture rules of each part are the same.

      Second, look at the sofa skeleton: whether the sofa skeleton is strong or not is directly related to the service life and quality assurance of the sofa. A good set of sofas must be framed with square timber and fixed with panels on the sides. Of course, the wooden frame hidden inside the sofa can not be seen, we can hold the sofa by hand to feel the weight, if the sofa is made of packaging board, plywood, the weight of the sofa is relatively heavy, you can also sit Shake the sofa from side to side and feel the firmness. The specific method of checking the skeleton of the sofa is to lift one end of the three-seat sofa. Note that when the lifting part is separated by 10 cm, the leg of the other head is off the ground, and only the other side is also off the ground, and the inspection is passed.


      Third, look at the filler: the filling of the sofa is mainly a sponge, and the sponge is divided into three types according to elasticity: high elasticity, high elasticity, super softness and medium impact. The medium-splitting sponge is generally used as a backrest and armrest part, and a high-elastic and high-elastic super-soft sponge is used as a seat part. In addition to consulting the salesperson about the type of filling, you also need to sit down and experience the comfort. At the same time, the handrail and backrest of the sofa can be pressed by hand. If the presence of the wooden frame can be clearly felt, it proves that the filling density of the sofa is not high and the elasticity is not good enough. The sofa frame that is easily pressed can also accelerate the wear of the sofa jacket and reduce the service life of the sofa.

      Fourth, test the resilience of the sofa. The specific method is to let the body sit freely on the sofa, and the body is bounced at least twice by the sofa cushion to ensure that the sofa is elastic and has a longer service life.

      Fifth, the workmanship of sewing sofas is mainly the stitching of sewing. The quality of sewing thread is also an important reason that affects the quality and life of the sofa. In the sewing process, the choice of sewing equipment also affects the quality of the sofa. The key to good or bad.

ornametal stitch sewing machine

      Sixth, look at the sofa details. The quality of a set of sofas is easy to reflect from the details. Whether the workmanship is fine and fine, reflects the quality management awareness and level of the sofa manufacturers. You can open the zipper of the matching pillow, observe and touch the inner lining and filling by hand; lift the sofa to see if the bottom is treated carefully, whether the sofa legs are straight, whether the surface treatment is smooth, whether there is a non-slip mat at the bottom of the leg, and so on. The quality of the good sofa is also refined in the details.

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