How many points do you know about computer embroidery machine?

- Oct 30, 2019-

Computerized embroidery machine is an automatic embroidery equipment that has been developed with the development of computer technology, electronic technology and mechanical processing technology. It can realize the high speed and high efficiency of traditional hand embroidery, and can also realize manual embroidery. The requirements of “multi-level, multi-functionality, unity and perfection” that cannot be achieved.


The control system has become the key to improve the performance and reduce the costs of the embroidery machine. The hardware of the control system determines the reliability and stability of the entire system, and all functions of the control system need to be implemented by software. The design of the software is essential to improve and expand the control functions and enhance the system efficiency.

Computerized embroidery sewing machine

1. How does the computer embroidery machine work?

When the computer embroidery machine is working, the electronic controller controls the motors to perform the cooperative motion by reading the pre-stored pattern data and decoding the data to embroider various patterns.

2. Sewing embroidery module

The pattern data must be interpreted and processed to be converted into an embroidery command, control the movement direction and number of steps of the stepping motor, identify the change line mark and automatically stop, stop the speed control motor when jumping the needle, and handle the embroidery process such as disconnection and needle change. Possible problems in the process. The sewing speed selection module and the stepper motor drive module are called during this process.


3. Sewing speed selection module

Each flower shape is composed of a plurality of stitches of different lengths and different directions. Thus the needle bar is required to reciprocate at a corresponding speed. In order to improve the efficiency of embroidery, different embroidery speeds must be automatically selected for different stitch lengths. You need reduce the speed of the needle bar when starting the needle to avoid short lines caused by excessive needles. 

Computerized embroidery machine

4. How does computer embroidery machine operate?

First, you need enter the data into the machine to adjust the approximate starting position. And then you need certain if the position setting is appropriate. If appropriate, go back directly to the origin, exit the walk, click on “Direct Embroidery” to start.

Then, after the computer embroidery machine run, it is necessary to rewind the empty lock cylinder in time for a while. After two or three lock cylinders are not in line, the machine can be suspended and the lock cylinder replaced at the position where the base is embroidered. Then replace the lock cylinder, re-wound, and repeat.

Next, you should pay attention to the broken line. The point where the machine is smart is that it will light up in a short line and the machine will automatically stop. Then you need re-thread the thread, push the lever and the machine will continue to run.

The most important point need to pay attention to notice whether the colored lines above are running out. If it is nearly used up, you need to connect it from the source, then pull the new wire out and re-perforate. If you don't notice that the line is used up, you need to re-twist the line a little bit, which is very troublesome and can't go wrong. If it is wrong, the machine will automatically stop automatically.

And the splint is also very tired. First, you need to lay a layer of liner on the frame and fix it. Then lay the cloth and fix it. This is done at the same time as the input data. However, the input data is only once, and this time, after each time the pattern is embroidered, the splint is fixed again.

Finally, wipe the line oil twice a day and oil twice to help the machine run better, so that it is not easy to break the line and improve work efficiency.

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