How many categories are there for mask machines?

- Jul 09, 2020-

Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine body, including feed, plastic strip aluminum insert /reveal short, landscape selection, ultrasonic fusion, slicing and other full-process automation completed, the production is very high, which can produce 1-200 tablets per minute. The main power can be adjusted by frequency conversion, which can be fast or slow. Different materials can be used to produce different masks. The product has two or three layers, and the product quality is stable, the operation is convenient, the noise is low, and the area is small.

Applicable materials: Spunbond filament non-woven fabric, 16-30 g/m2, suitable for processing disposable masks.

Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine

Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine:

Hot-press molding: The mask raw material (nonwovens) is molded by hot pressure (cup shape).

1. including automatic refueling action and feeding rack;

2. each form a four mask.

Slice: The outer layer (protective layer) used to make a cup mask. Special alloy steel production flower wheel, knife is wear-resistant and has a long life, flexible, fast, high level. The use of ultrasonic and special steel wheel processing, do not hurt the edge of cloth, no hairedge manufacturing without warm-up, it can be continuously operated

Pressing edge: press the inside and outside of the mask;

Cut edge: Use pneumatic stamping to remove excess edges of the mask.

Breathing valve welding: welding mask breathing valve

Melting area: 130mm;

Speed: 20-30pieces/min

The integrated structure of the Fully Automatic Face Mask Cutting Machine adopts the safety adjustment scale control; the computer intelligent control, the accuracy can reach one thousandth of a second; the mold level adjustment, the fuselage motor automatically rises and falls, and the base level is adjusted.

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