How does the 1+1 face mask machine process materials?

- Aug 18, 2020-

Generally, we divide the protection of the 1+1 face mask machine into several aspects: appearance, transmission system, electrical system, ultrasonic system, and pneumatic system. The transmission system includes components such as motors, gears, reducers, sprockets, chains, and conveyor belts.

For the 1+1 face mask machine, the ultrasonic welding machine of the mask machine has requirements for the quality of the workpiece to be welded. Not all materials can be welded. Some people think that any material can be welded. This is a big misunderstanding. There are differences between different materials. Some can be welded well, some can basically be welded, and some are incompatible. The melting point of the same material is the same, it can be welded in principle. But when the melting point of the welded workpiece is greater than 350 degrees, ultrasonic welding is not suitable.

Since the mask machine melts the molecules of the workpiece instantaneously by ultrasound, the judgment basis is within 1-3, and it cannot be welded well. You should choose other welding processes, such as hot plate, spin melting, and oscillation. Generally speaking, ABS materials are simply welded, due to their low melting point and hard hardness. On the contrary, nylon is difficult to weld.

1+1 face mask machine

Type C is a machine used for the mask body of the 1+1 face mask machine. Using the one-to-one mask machine technology, 3~5 layers of PP one-to-one mask machine, activated carbon and filtering materials are bonded together, and the 9002 mask body is used. According to the original materials used, different specifications such as FFPN95, the ear straps are elastic non-woven fabrics, so that the wearer’s ears are smooth, without pressure, and the mask filter cloth layer has a good filtering effect, which perfectly fits the Asian face. It can be applied to High-pollution operations such as construction and mining.

The mask body of 9002 one-to-one mask machine can be processed at one time. PLC automatic control, automatic counting. Easy to adjust equipment and convenient to change materials. The mold selection method can be used to replace the mold sensitively, and produce different types of one-to-one mask machines. It is a multi-layer one-to-one mask machine through hot pressing, one-to-one mask machine forming, one-to-one mask machine welding, waste removal, ear strap and nose strip welding and other processes to produce various masks with certain filtering functions. Towing a mask machine is not a single machine, it requires the cooperation of multiple machines to end various different processes.

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